Recruiting Volunteers

Dear all,

we re recruiting volunteer to push the Malaysians for Beng  Hock campaign even further, please send an email to Chin Hong,, together with your full name, contact details and occupation.

Malaysian for Beng Hock have good structure, and may the volunteer choosing the best part you could playing, TQ

  1. Merchandise
  2. informative
  3. publicity and promotion
  4. Art and performance
  5. fund raising
  6. documentation and production
  1. Yvonne Lee says:

    Hi, Im Yvonne.. Staying PJ,SS2.. I would like to join this campaign. please contact me @ 0129077132.

  2. Angela Yip says:

    Hi .. I can be available for the signature campaigns if the following day is public holiday. I stay in bandar sri damansara.

  3. WS says:

    If I be volunteer, then be caught by police, will I be killed inside the police station?

  4. lohxianda says:

    i want to be the volunteer…….

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