Press Statement: Expand Royal Commission Membership and Meet Up with Us, Mr. PM

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Articles, News, Press Statement

Expand Royal Commission Membership and Meet Up with Us, Mr. PM

Our family is comforted by the inclusion of an investigation on Beng Hock’s cause of death into the terms of reference for the Royal Commission of Inquiry. The Prime Minister has finally taken the first real step in fulfilling his promise made to the family on 28 July 2009.

However, it is regrettable that the PM did not consult us nor accept the proposals made jointly by the 126 NGOs before he announced the names of the Commissioners.

We are puzzled why none of the highly distinguished names proposed by the 126 NGOs – among them, Musa Hitam, Ambiga, Raja Aziz, NH Chan, Hanif Omar, Irene Fernandez and also a medical expert to be recommended by Dr Ronald McCoy – were appointed to the Royal Commission.

We urge the PM to increase the membership of the Royal Commission to at least nine members, in order to include the expertise from the police, as represented by Tun Hanif Omar, from the Bar Council and the legal profession, represented by Raja Aziz and Datuk Ambiga, and from the human rights activist circle, Dr. Irene Fernandez.

We hope that in three months’ time, the Royal Commission will provide us with a clear and satisfactory answer. After 18 months of the prolonged and futile inquest proceedings, we do not want another disappointing answer from the Royal Commission. The Royal Commission must carry out in-depth investigations, for example investigating what actually caused the neck injury on Beng Hock, the many contradictory testimonies of MACC officers etc.

We insist that, since Beng Hock died when he was in the custody of a government agency, personnel within the government agency should take responsibility for his death.

The government has eventually decided to expand the term of reference of the royal commission. However, it is actually the result of the collective effort by 90 thousand petition endorsees, NGOs and political parties. We will not have reached this stage without their great support. They standby and with us, supporting us in seeking the truth. My family would like to thank every single one of the supporters in this country

Teoh Lee Lan

on behalf of the Teoh Family


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