Teoh mystery note only to buy time

Posted: October 24, 2010 in News
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Source : Malaysiakini

Oct 23, 10 7:56am

vox populi small thumbnail‘Why should Teoh write the note in two languages? This note is to buy more time for MACC and BN and to confuse this already time-wasting inquest.’

Teoh inquest: ‘Final note’ author still a mystery

Wira: As 95 percent of the purported ‘suicide note’ was written in Chinese, it’s a joke that a conclusive identification can be made in the case of Roman characters and a non-conclusive one for the Chinese characters.

Anyway, common sense tells me it’s a lot easier to fake alphabets than Chinese characters, especially so when there are so few of them.

Anonymous: I normally write notes in only one language and that is normally in English. I think most readers would also do the same thing. So my argument is this: Why should Teoh write the note in two languages?

As far as I can comprehend, Teoh didn’t have the time and was too tired to do this. So I guess the appearance of this note is to buy more time for MACC and BN and to confuse this already time-wasting inquest.

Ben: My postulation for Teoh Beng Hock’s death is not suicide because:

1) He was supposed to be married the next day.

2) His wife-to-be was bearing his child.

3) One whole night of interrogation is not that stressful compared to what Raja Petra Kamarudin’s description of three months’ continuous interrogations and torture to break a person down while detained under the ISA.

4) If at all Teoh had confessed everything, he was not the one who is going to face the music. His boss was the one to be charged. Maybe Teoh could be made the prosecution witness. He may only have to serve a short jail term; or he may even be rewarded for helping MACC to put his boss behind bars.

Ruben: The coroner, if he exercises fair judgment, should totally reject this last-minute handwritten letter because:

1) It was tendered at such a late stage eventhough the attorney-general and the prosecution team knew of its existence way before this. This letter has a big bearing on the outcome of the case and if no importance was given to it as evidence, then why should it be given any importance at all?

2) Contradictions on the veracity of the initials and the matching of Teoh’s actual signature. Also the chemist did say that the writing could easily be duplicated.

3) The police officer had other valid documents bearing Teoh’s actual signature but did not get the chemist to compare them.

Mr Coroner, please examine your conscience before you make your decision.


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