915, 47 mins of silence event

Posted: September 15, 2010 in announcement

Dear all,

Malaysians for Beng Hock Campaign will be joining the 47 mins of silence event on 15 Sept (Wed), 11pm-12pm at KLSCAH Car Park.

Malaysia was formed in 1963, the people in east and west Malaysia were officially independent from the rule of British colonial. Merdeka means rakyat’s freedom and rights are guaranteed, but the recent racial hatred and religious intolerance has against the spirit of merdeka. The tragedy of Beng Hock and other tortured victims alerted us that rakyat’s human rights has not been protected.

Let’s commemorate the 916 merdeka day by joining the action. On 915, at KLSCAH’s car park, we will lay the candles forming the posture of Beng Hock when he fell death on the ground. This is a symbolic gesture to mark and remember the injustice and to envisage a democratic and free society.

Please contact us (012-2658448) if you wish to join us in this action.

Chong Kok Siong

Malaysians for Beng Hock





让我们一起纪念916 独立日,参与我们的静默行动,我们将在停车场用蜡烛组成明福躺在地上的姿势,铭记这个不正义的事件,冀盼一个民主自由的社会的到来。



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