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Posted: August 17, 2010 in Articles
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Hi Everyone,

Attended the forum “Injustice for 1 Year: What Say You,Malaysians” at KLSCAH last evening – a forum by Malaysians for the Teoh Beng Hock Campaign.

Wish you had been there.

Wish you had looked closely at Teoh Lee Lan’s face and heard her speak. And if you didn’t understand a word of Mandarin – and I didn’t – you’d still feel heartbreak for her.

Wish you had been there to listen to the other 3 speakers – LeeBan Chen (Senior writer), Haris Ibrahim (Blogger & Activist), ChongKok Siong (Coordinator, Malaysians for Beng Hock Campaign)

You’d have asked yourself then -” Do I not care that Beng Hock’s family continues to suffer injustice? Isn’t their loss and pain my loss and pain? Have I forgotten and gone on with my own living in comfort? Is my memory of his death so short?”

You can ask yourself these same questions now.

Regarding Beng Hock. Regarding Kugan. Regarding the rest.

I’m not just asking you. I’m asking myself too.

As Haris said, “There will be no justice for Beng Hock.” Why?

Because nothing will bring him back alive.

But let them never sully his name with their outrageous claim that he committed suicide.

We must bring honour to his name and peace to his family and enable his son to grow up knowing the truth about his father. That is our responsibility.

Come Wednesday, some of those who attended this evening’s forum and who will take leave will be going to the Shah Alam High Court.

We’ve bought T-shirts bearing the picture of Teoh Beng Hock. We’ll wear these and show solidarity on Wednesday

We’ll be there when Dr Pornthip states her findings.

Will you be there too?

And will you buy those t-shirts and wear them every weekend, every month, every year till injustice dies and the truth reigns? So that on just any Saturday and Sunday, what you see as you step out is a sea of people with the same T-shirt, says Haris. That’s a strong message being sent out.

Will you?

Will you do it for Beng Hock? For Lee Lan? For his parents, his wife and his son?

That’s doing it for all the others before and after him too.

It’s got to stop. The murders have to end.

See you in court, people.

This country will not move until we move.

Farida Jivamala Ibrahim

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  2. kk Tan says:

    I have the privilege to hear Beng Hock’s voice one month b4 he was cruelly silenced. HIS voice is exceptionally soft for a young man, hence I remember it very well. He was arranging a meeting for me with his boss.
    We must pray for the killer and people behind the murder to be brought to justice, or they willingly own up for the crime.
    Please let me know I can do for him and his family. kK

  3. msians4bh says:

    Dear Tan,

    See below actions that you can take for seeking justice for beng hock.

    First and foremost please attend 18/8, 9am’s inquest at shah alam high court to lend your support to Dr. Pornthip and Beng Hock’s family. Tell the government that we will never forget beng hock.

    Yap Hwa
    Malaysians for Beng Hock Campaign


    1) Join our public forum “Injustice for 1 Year : What Say You Malaysians?” on 16/8/10 (Mon), 730pm at KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. Speakers : Teoh Lee Lan, Lee Ban Chen, Haris Ibrahim and Chong Kok Siong. (Map) Call : 012-2658448

    出席我们的公共论坛,2010年8月16日(一),傍晚7点半,隆雪华堂楼上讲堂。主讲人:赵丽兰、李万千、Haris Ibrahim和庄国雄。联络:012-2658448,点击地图。

    2) Lend your support to Dr. Pornthip and Beng Hock’s family, attend Beng Hock’s inquest at Shah Alam high court at 9am on 18/8/10 (Wed). Dr. Pornthip will testify at coroner court. Call : 012-2658448


    3) Fund Raising : We need money to run our campaign, organizing events, print banner, flyers, stickers, badges, T-shirts, VCD etc. If you would like to contribute fund to “Malaysians for Beng Hock Campaign”, please bank in to a joint bank account as following. We will reveal our expenditure on blog from time to time, any queries please contact Liau Kok Fah 016-2265330

    Maybank current a/c no: 564146533656
    Maybank joint a/c : Teoh Lee Lan/ Liao Kok Fah

    (Teoh Lee Lan is Beng Hock’s sister, chairperson of this campaign, Liau Kok Fah is the Chairperson of Civil Rights Committee of KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall)


    Maybank current a/c no: 564146533656
    Maybank joint a/c : Teoh Lee Lan/ Liao Kok Fah

    (赵丽兰是明福妹妹,”全民挺明福运动“的主席, 廖国华是隆雪华堂民权委员会主席)

    4) Roadshow : We will visit supporters all over the country end of august 2010, please inform us by dropping an email to yaphwa@gmail.com or send a sms to 012-2658448 if you wish to meet us.

    全国举办汇报会:我们将到全国各地向人民汇报明福冤案进展,希望大家团结力量施压政府,找出明福冤死的真相。若你希望见到我们,请把您的联络方式寄到 yaphwa@gmail.com。联络:012-2658448

  4. Eric says:

    Farida, I’ll be there in Shah Alam High Court Wednesday 18. People come along!

  5. 4RAKYAT says:

    will be there too.

  6. Joshua says:

    Sigh..the smartest and wisest thing for the BN government to do now is to have a royal commision of inquiry, find the murderer and charge him, whatever his connections.

    Then, only then will the people of Malaysia of all races be healed of this terrible wound of grotesque injustice (going into a government office and jumping off the 14th floor a few hours later as if a suicide decision can be made so promptly).

    And more importantly, then will the Malaysian earth that is spilled with Teoh Beng Hock’s blood be redeemed from the curse of injustice. As UMNO/BN delivers injustice to the people and the land, the land will bring the same to you one fine day. And that day is the day of the next General Election.

  7. Joshua says:

    From a legal and economic point of view, Haris is right that there will be no justice for Beng Hock even if the murderer gets life or death. But let us not be motivated by the things of this life and instead set our eyes on our eternal life.

    In this sense, i totally disagree that Beng Hock will not get justice. He shall get divine justice because the murderer who took his life (despite the MACC’s 100% attempt to try to make a case for suicide which is 0.001% credible and probable in the eyes of the sane and logical world) will be judged in the afterlife unless he repents and confesses to his crime to God and submits to the law.

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