‘Injustice for 1 Year: What Say You Malaysians?’ Campaign begins with a bang

Posted: August 17, 2010 in News
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Tuesday, 17 August 2010 11:19 Adrian Phung
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campaign170810aAlthough the attendance for yesterday’s forum was just around 100 people and there were no DAP leaders or any representatives from the PKR or PAS, all the attendees were there for a common goal which was to continue the fight together with Teoh Beng Hock’s family in their attempt in seeking justice and finding the truth for Beng Hock’s mysterious death.

Beng Hock was the political secretary for Selangor exco member Ean Yong Hian Wah. On 15 July 2009 Beng Hock was taken in for interrogation by MACC’s official on the case of misuse of fund by Ean Yong but however, he was found dead the next day nine floors below the Selangor’s MACC headquarter at Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam.

One year and one month have gone since the passing away of Beng Hock while he was in the detention of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) but neither truth nor justice were given to his family members by the inquest undertaken by the government a year ago on the cause of his death.

Numerous forums and activities have been held by various NGOs, civil right societies and political parties in creating awareness among the public about the need for seeking justice and truth behind Beng Hock’s mysterious death and one such activity include a forum jointly organised by Malaysians for Beng Hock Campaign and Civil Rights Committee of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (CRC-KLSCAH) yesterday entitle ‘Injustice for 1 Year: What Say You Malaysians?’.

Among the speakers for the forum was former Internal Security Act (ISA) detainee Lee Ban Chen who mentioned to the crowd that the concept of committing suicide and being murdered was often misinterpreted by the public.

Lee said that sometimes a person who was said to have committed suicide could also mean that that leebanchen170810particular individual was being murdered, as during the Japanese occupation in the 1940s, anti Japanese fighters who were caught by the Japanese regime during that time would commit suicide rather than submit to torture.

“Only then a clear idea of the situation emerges and one cannot even imagine on how bad it would be, to be tortured by the Japanese,” explained Lee who revealed that he too came across stories of former ISA detainees who was alleged to have committed suicide but the fact for behind these alleged suicides was that they were being murdered due to the overwhelming torture they underwent during their detention period under the ISA to the extent they had mental breakdown.

“They could not endure torture, and were driven insane by it. On top of that, they would always hear some voices telling them that its better for them to commit suicide than continue being tortured and the voice would want them to do it on their own,” said Lee who added if proper care were not given to these mental breakdown detainees, they would eventually commit suicide.

Lee noted that there were two cases which he came across, one case was of former university graduate, Yang Ya Qi, who was arrested and detained under ISA whose story was recently revealed by Yang’s friend in an article published by Merdeka Review.

“Yang was detained under ISA and tortured by the officers there due to some information which was considered valuable to them. He eventually suffered a mental breakdown,” revealed Lee who added that his illness was so serious to the extent that he would dig a hole almost every day in his detention cell and buried himself in the hole and when he was released, he actually committed suicide.

“The second case that came to my knowledge was the case of Wong Swee Sang who was first detained in the Taiping Prison and was later transferred to the Kamunting Prison. He too had to go through the process that Yang had undergone because the officers wanted some information from him. He was being torture tortured to the extent he kept hearing sounds in his head and had a hard time sleeping,” disclosed Lee who later said that Wong eventually ended up committing suicide inside a room.

Lee added that based on the above mentioned cases, he could draw a conclusion that both the victims did not commit suicide rather that they were being murdered and the cause of the murder would be the torture they had undergone to the extent they had mental breakdown and eventually committed suicide.

“I believe that Beng Hock’s case are like those cases I mentioned before. If not for the pressure Beng Hock was under becoming too much, he would not have chosen to commit suicide. Because of it, I would dare to say that Beng Hock did not commit suicide but rather he was being murdered by the dirty tactics imposed on him by the relevant government agencies,” claimed Lee.

Lee also revealed that there was no need for Beng Hock to commit suicide because he was getting married on the day he was found dead at MACC’s headquarter and he had a great future ahead of him.

harisibrahim170810The point that Lee made was also agreed by another speaker, Haris Ibrahim, who at that time believed that this was not a case of suicide based on some strong facts which surround the case.

“The first fact was Beng Hock was going to be a father soon, secondly his marriage with his fiancée was imminent, thirdly his friends had confirmed that Beng Hock was calling them to confirm their attendance at his wedding reception the next day and the last fact that I would like to point out was that the person accompanying him to the MACC’s headquarter on the evening of 15 July last year revealed that he was calm and composed,” explained Haris.

“One of the facts that was so verbatim for me was that he went in to MACC as a potential witness and not as an accused and to be subjected to interrogation, however, if you look at the evidence submitted throughout the inquest, no MACC officers has revealed that Beng Hock has been moved from witness to a suspect which never emerged as evidence in the inquest,” said Haris.

Haris added that for those reasons, this was not a case of someone taking his own life but the fact would eventually speak for itself and he also mentioned that no court judgement would bring Beng Hock back to life.

“The meaning of ‘Justice for Beng Hock’ for me simply means do not dishonour this man because there is a child who would grow to be a man who was entitle to know the truth about the passing of his father,” claimed Haris who received enormous applause from the crowd.

“One year has gone by and the family still waits and have to endure the most unkindest things been said about this man who life has been taken away where a potential suicide notes unveil from the Attorney-General’s office which they claimed to be found during September last year,” said Haris who classified this as one of the biggest jokes from the AG.

“If it was not for Dr Porntip, there would not be another post mortem for Beng Hock which revealed some pre fall injuries on Beng Hock’s body and because of this, we are forced to seek justice for Beng Hock and his son,” urged Haris.

Haris also added that a clear message needs to be sent to the government that the people would not tolerate any injustice.

In reflecting what the speakers have spoken throughout the forum, a public member expressed his opinion that the reason for the inquest was unable to be concluded after a year was that the system itself has rotten to the core and the only remedy was to change the government.

Other speakers present at the forum were Beng Hock’s sister, Lee Lan and campaign coordinator Chong Kok Siong.


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