Lend your support to Dr. Pornthip & Beng Hock’s family

Posted: August 10, 2010 in announcement

Dear fellow Malaysians, please lend your support to Dr. Pornthip and Beng Hock’s family by present at inquest on 18/8/10(wed), 9am,Shah Alam High Court. Dr. Pornthip will testify at the inquest that day. Please contact Yap Hwa at 012-2658448 if you have any queries.


Rakyat Malaysia diminta memberi sokongan kepada Dr. Pornthip dan keluarga Beng Hock dengan menghadiri inqueks pada 18/8/10(Rabu), 9am di mahkamah tinggi Shah Alam. Dr. Pornthip akan beri keterangan pada hari tersebut. Sila hubungi Yap Hwa pada 012-2658448 jika ada sebarang pertanyaan

Map 地图 Peta Mahkamah Tinggi Shah Alam

Malaysians for Beng Hock Campaign


பெங் ஒக்கிற்காக மலேசியர்கள்

Kempen Rakyat Menyokong Beng Hock

  1. Zack Ong says:

    Justice is dead!! 把公正, 真相还给我们!!

  2. chong says:

    Malaysia legislation is in the dark situation.

  3. Alfred says:

    how to registered ourself to go inside the court?

  4. ssh says:

    How to register before we can go inside the court ? Need advice urgently, I will attend the inquest on 18/8/10.

  5. msians4bh says:

    Dear Alfred & SSH,

    There is no need for registration, everyone can get in the court, please wear tidy collar shirt and not slipper is allowed, please call Yap Hwa at 012-2658448 if you have any queriess,

    Malaysians for Beng Hock Campaign

  6. shakuntala says:

    Malaysians cannot afford to forget the late Teoh Beng Hock. His dear Mother’s words keep coming to mind, like as if my own was reminding me, “He was such a good son, he will not have thought of committing suiside.”

    What could be more impacting than this. A mother would easily know. All mothers speak a universal language with reference to their children, they know the truth because it hits them the hardest.

  7. j vong says:

    No uninvestigated murders please …. jv

  8. Thambee Simon Tee says:

    please indicate using Google Map or http://www.wikimapia.org where this place is so others may know how to get there.

  9. KBLU says:

    As a senior Malaysian, I have seen enough of injustice done to non-umnoputras in Malaysia and hence even though most Malaysians/non-umnoputras (including myself) are not present in the High Court in Shah Alam for 18th August 2010 hearing or any more hearing, please do let TBH’s family and members including Pornthip that most Malaysians or all non-umnoputras ARE BEHIND THB’S FAMILY AND PORNTHIP.

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